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How to polish military boots

Polishing boots properly can be a daunting task, but here I will try and show you the most efficient way of doing it. Don't be fooled though, it WILL take time!!


Get your favourite tv programme on :)

This may take a bit of time so first, and foremost find a comfortable seat to sit on. A chair is perfect.

Lay down a table cloth on the surface where you will be polishing. Polish is a NIGHTMARE to clean!! You have been warned my friend.

Apply a thick layer of polish onto the applicable area of the boot (toecap for me) in a circular motion with one finger which you have wrapped the cloth around.

Run the lighter across the surface of the polish so it liquefies. This lets the polish settle deep into the grain of the leather to help it last longer and give an overall better shine.

WARNING: keep the flame away from all flammable materials such as the table cloth and your own clothes. Most lighters have a warning on how long to keep the flame alive for. Adhere to these warnings.

Leave the polish to cool for a Minute or so and use a brush to just smooth off the surface.

Repeat the last two steps 1-3 times depending on much polish you put on and the type of leather the boot has.

Wrap the cloth tightly around your index finger making sure that there are no folds on the face of the finger.

Tight around the finger with no creases.

Tight around the finger with no creases.

Now comes the daunting part.

Circle your finger in the tin of polish twice and this should give you enough polish to initially work with.

If you feel that provides too little or too great amount of polish, then do not hesitate to change the amount. One thing to keep in mind is that it is probably better to have too little than too much.

Now rub your finger in tight circular motions over the leather until you feel an increased level of friction between your finger and the polish on the boot.

Next, dab your finger in the water and continue rubbing.

Repeat the last four steps.

This is where you have to believe me and yourself because the black cloud which you can see in your boot WILL clear and turn into a mirror shine. TRUST ME!! It just takes time and repetitiveness.

Once the polish is starting to resemble a shine, gradually reduce the amount of polish you use until it is next to nothing.

Leave the boots for about 30 minutes to dry.

Now that they are dry, add minuscule dabs of polish to the boots (still in circular motions)

now all it needs is for you to "huh" the boots and then continue to rub the boot.

After about ten minutes the boots will be gleaming :)

Now buff the boots with a pair of old tights.

Now its time...

To do the other boot!!

Now wear those boots with pride!!

Here's some pictures of my boots throughout the years while using this method.

Good Luck :)

  • 1.0 Black military boots
  • 1.0 Kiwi Parade Gloss Polish
  • 1.0 Cloth (preferably washed yellow duster)
  • 1.0 Water (Preferably Warm)
  • 1.0 Something to entertain you (I.e music or tv)
  • 1.0 Lighter
  • 1.0 Brush
  • 999.0 Elbow Grease!!
  • 1.0 Old tights