Start by removing all your clothes, so as to not restrict your movement.

Once you're naked, masturbate as you normally would until your penis is as hard as possible. You can also grip around the base of the shaft to restrict blood flow (like a cock ring) to get harder.

Apply lube onto your penis, and either apply lube onto the soles of your feet, or use my preferred method of licking your soles (this makes me really hard) until they're sufficiently lubricated.

Lie on your back and lift your legs up in a cross-legged fashion. Push your penis forwards and wrap the arches of your soles around your hard penis.

Thrust your penis into the arches of your feet whilst moving your legs up and down. Repeat until you ejaculate, or continue to edge for as long as you wish.

To clean up, lick the semen off of your soles, and then wipe the semen off of your penis onto your soles so you can lick it off.

  • 1.0 Private room
  • Lube
  • Tissues or a towel