How to play the ukulele: lesson 1 tuning the ukulele

Play the Ukulele: Lesson 1 Tuning the Ukulele


Ok, so in this first lesson I am going to teach you how to tune a ukulele. I have 2 ukuleles, a tenor and soprano. I will be using my soprano in this. I recommend sopranos for beginners.

Her name is Lele /Lay-lee/. I name all my instruments...... Hehe:)

Her name is Lele /Lay-lee/. I name all my instruments...... Hehe:)

The strings on a ukulele are G,C,E, and A from top to bottom. (Bottom to top for lefty's). You may want to get a tuner or something for in the future, but for right now, I will play them for you.....

This first one is the top string and it is a G. Take your ukulele and turn the knobs on the top of the head until it sounds like my G. It would be the bottom string for lefty's.

The next one is C. The string below G. (Above for lefty's). Here is my C.....

The next string is E. Make sure that you are matching your ukulele up to mine by turning the knobs. It might take a long time to get in tune, because your ukulele might be way out of tune.

And the last one is A. Match your ukulele up to mine.....

So, that is how a ukulele is tuned:). Go back to my first video and hear how it should sound fully tuned.

Thanks for watching!!! Feel free to follow me, I will be posting more lessons on ukulele, percussion, piano and guitar:)

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