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How to play la la la by naughty boy on the ukulele part 1

Play La La La by Naughty Boy on the Ukulele Part 1


The song is by Naughty Boy, but I play it in more of Jasmine Thompson's style. The chords are Am, G, Dm and F

Once you've practiced those chords and know them well, come back and I'll show you the intro and the first verse.

Welcome back! I'm sure you know those chords towards and backwards by now, right? ;) The strumming pattern for the intro is DDD. You could also do DDU, but the Up strum tends to be quieter.

Here's the lyrics: Hush(Am) don't speak(G) When you spit(Dm) you venom Keep it shut(F) I hate it when you Hiss(Am) and preach(G) About your new(Dm) messiah 'cause your theories(F) catch fire

Well, now you know the first half of the song! Go perfect it and them come back for the second half which has (gasp) the chorus!!! Thanks for viewing ;)

  • A ukulele
  • Basic chord knowledge
  • A guitar pick if you prefer