If you don't know the fingerings for first position, look at my other guide, "Basics of the Violin" ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐ŸŽป

In this song, you have a B and F sharp.

Start with your 3rd finger on the D string. ( G )

Start with a down bow. Play the G twice. 2 quarter notes.

Then go to an F (sharp). Play once. (2nd finger on D)

Then play an E twice. ( first finger on D )

Back to F sharp. Play twice.

Then jump to your B sharp. 2nd finger on G. Play once.

Back to E. Play once, then let go of all fingers for open D. Once.

G on D twice, a little faster.

F sharp, then E. both once.

G once. Then F sharp. Then jump to B on G.

E, then open D.

G on D twice.

Then play a B on your A string. (first finger A)

E on D once.

G on D, then F, E, D. All once. The G and F faster together, the slightest pause, then the F and E together.

Open D, then G on D twice, ... F ... E twice.

Repeat step 17. GF ED.

That was the first verse. Now for the chorus.

G on D twice.

F then E.

17 again. GF ED.


FF Then to B on G.

E, D, then B on G again.

GG F E open D, then B on G.

B on G twice.

G F E open D.

C on G ( third finger on G ) then B on G

G F E D.

D, G F GG.

Now for the second verse! Mostly the same as first, but different in like, two places. :p


F. B on G twice, close together.

Then E twice close together.

Open D.

Open D. GG F E.


Open D. GG F E.

GF. B on G twice. Close together. Then E on D twice. Close together. Then open D.

Open D. GG F EE.


Now repeat the chorus!!

At the end, after the D G F GG, Add another G, then B on A ( first finger A ) then pause ever so slightly. Then open A, then G on D. Then open A. Then the last two notes F then G :) :)

- the lyrics - โžกโžก

-First verse- Deep in the meadow. Under the willow. A bed, of grass. A soft green pillow. Lay down your head, and close your eyes. And when they open, the sun will rise.

-chorus- Here it's safe, and here, its warm. Here the daisies, guard you from every harm. Here your dreams are sweet, and tomorrow brings, them true. Here is the place, where I love you!

-second verse- Deep in the meadow, hidden far away. A cloak of leaves, a moon, beam ray. Forget your woes, and let, your troubles lay. And when it's morning, they'll wash, away.

-chorus- Just add another, "Where I love you" at the end ๐Ÿ˜Š

Sorry it was so long! I tried to make it simple. Hope you enjoyed!!

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