How to pierce your own cartilage!😆

Pierce Your Own Cartilage!😆


Okay, quick story as to how I was inspired to create this guide😂...

So Summer 2014, I went on a trip with 5 other girls, & we had a blast! One of the girls that was with us had hella piercings, & she was good at piercing ears😝...& we all wanted to pierce our helix...

So she pierced our cartilage for us! It was great, my friends still have there's, although I had to take mine out because my parents were pissed that I didn't ask them...😅😝😂

Anyway, this is how she did it! She's not a pro, so I'd advise that if you really want to pierce your helix, go to a professional first before trying anything at home to reduce risk of infection.😉👍

*Disclaimer* I, ❤️Thalia Grace❤️ take no responsibility whatsoever in the case you become injured, sick, or hurt from applying these steps and methods to yourself.

First, find an earring that you like. Make sure that it's a small gauge, like 16" or 18"'s also easier if it's a stud instead of a hoop.

Sanitize your earring and the piercing site by rubbing alcohol on the areas. You wanna make sure everything is clean!!

This is gonna sound harsh, but you just shove the earring through your ear. Again, I seriously advise you see a pro before deciding to do this at home. You don't want any serious infections to occur.

In order to prevent bacterial infections from occurring after this, you wanna keep your hands and fingers away from your piercing. You do not want your germs entering the wound.

You can buy an ear care solution from Claire's or something like that to help the healing process.

You can buy an ear care solution from Claire's or something like that to help the healing process.

I also advise that you let your parents know you wanna do something like this before you actually do it...especially if you know they aren't gonna appreciate your decision😝

If you have any questions, suggestions, or anything, please let me know, send me a message, leave a comment, whatever floats your boat😉. And remember, I stress this over & over, see a pro first!!!!!!

Thank you for looking through my guide, hope you enjoyed!! Follow for a follow!😋

  • 1.0 Stud Earring
  • 1.0 Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol
  • 1.0 Bottle of Ear Care Solution
  • 1.0 Ear