How to pierce your ear yourself

Pierce Your Ear Yourself


Take Your Ice Pack And Leave It There For About 20-30 Minutes. ( ice cube works to )

Then Your Ear Should Be Numb/Num. After That, Take Some Of The Rubbing Alcohol Ad Put Some On Tissue Or Cotton Pad. ( or toilet paper )

Take Another Pad Then Take Your Safety Pin And Clean Your Pin So You Don't Get Any Infections. ( pour rubbing alcohol on pad the wipe down the pin or let the pin soak in the alcohol )

Clean The Earrings You Want To Put On, Even The Back Part That Keeps The Earring From Falling Off.

Get Something To Put Behind Your Ear So When The Pin Goes Through, It Won't Pierce Your Fingers. Then Get The Pin Through The Ear. You're Gonna Have To Push A Little Hard So It Goes Through.

The When You Get To The Back Of Your Ear, Move The Pin Around Just A Little In A Tiny Circle Then Take Out The Pin, And Stick It In From The Back. The Keep Going Back and Forth.

After That, Try To Stick Your Desired Earring In The Little Whole And Once You Get To The Back, It's Gonna Hurt A Little Bit. Just Push It Through And Take It Out.

If You Start To Bleed Or See Little Spots Of Blood, Take A New Cotton Pad And Put Rubbing Alcohol And Put It To Your Ear. You Can Tie It With String Or Wrap A Rubberband Around It So You Don't Have To

So You Don't Have To Hold It. Once It Stops Bleeding For Good, Put The Earring In And Leave It In For The Night. Your Ear Lobe Pierce Part Should Get A Little Bigger Than Before.

  • Safety Pin
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Tissue Or Cotton Pad
  • Ice Cuber Or Pack