How to pick an avocado

Pick an Avocado


I think the first thing you should know is green avocado is underripe and black mushy is overripe

I usually buy my avocados when they are just a tiny bit green, but mostly dark brown. that way if i don’t use them that day, or the next day, they will be just perfect

Click on pic for better view

Click on pic for better view

Grandma once explained to me that an avocado should feel much like different parts of your face.

She said "If your avocado feels like your forehead, it is too firm and not ripe". (you can still buy avocados that aren’t ripe- they will ripen!

"If an avocado feels like your cheek, it is too ripe and chances are it is bruised"". When you push gently on an avocado, you want it to feel like the end of your nose– soft, but not too soft."

Too ripe!

Too ripe!

Finally, see that little stem? If you pop it off gently you will see one of two things 1) a nice green spot (healthy, yummy avocado) or 2) a black, moldy spot (nasty, bruised, yucky avocado).

Click on pic again

Now go forth and select great Avocados!

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