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You need a fast, medium, and 1-2 slower songs for a general worship set of about 20 min.

The fast song should be anywhere from 125 - 155 for the tempo.

The medium song should be anywhere from 80- 120.

And the slower songs should be around 55-78.

It all depends on the culture of your church and how you guys run things, If your are still having trouble with your Setlist, I' ll choose a few good/easy songs with the right temp in order.

Go -Hillsong (146), Rooftops - Jesusculture (108), The Anthem - Planet Shakers (72), The Stand - Hillsong (74)

The song keys will vary depending on the singer! Tradition guy keys would be in A or B, Girls usually tend to sing in D or E.

If your band members need sheet music there are websites you can get the chord charts from! Or if you can hear the numbers/progressions by ear, chart it out!

That's how you pick a Setlist! Thanks for the view, comment for any questions you have!

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