hi guys, this guide is to get your parents to get you a pet. enjoy

talk to your parents about the idea of having a pet and how it will encourage you to spend more time with your family. my parents love to spend time with their family. they may like the idea of a pet

explain to your parents how tired you feel about spending time alone in your dark room playing video games or staring at the computer. you can also tell them that if you get a pet you will stay active

and spend more time outside in the daylight and how you will get more fresh air. also tell them that you will have a more fun and interesting childhood with your pet and you will have sweet memories

pets are also good company when you are alone or bored.a very important thing is that tell them that having a pet will teach you responsibility because you have to feed,play and clean the pet.

tell them that you will train your pet not to break anything or make a mess in the house,tell them to buy toys to keep it distracted.

ok guys hope you enjoyed it,and it convinces parents

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