How to perform an efficient reload on an ar platform

Perform an Efficient Reload on an AR Platform


1. Do a quick scan of the surrounding area, to ensure safety while you reload. While reloading you are extremely vulnerable, so secure positions are vital to this process.

2. Next you will drop the magazine from the gun by pressing the mag release button. While doing so, your support hand will simultaneously reach for another magazine from your kit.

3. Bring your gun up into the "work station" (Bring the rifle to eye level and roll your right palm so that it's facing your body. The stock of your rifle should be near your right kidney.

4. Your support hand will rise to the mag well, looking to insert the magazine. While you're bringing the mag to your weapon, perform another quick security scan to have proper situational awareness.

5. Now thrust the magazine into the mag well with force to make sure it's locked in. After that, let go of the magazine and move your support hand to press the bolt release with your thumb.

6. Once the weapon is charged, move your other hand back to the your preferred grip and ready the weapon.

7. Safety off. Perform a good security scan.

8. Safety on, and you are now done with the reload. This process should take a total of maybe 5-6 seconds on average.

  • M4/AR platform rifle
  • 2 magazines