How to pack for traveling

Pack for Traveling


My parents are going to travelling around the Caribbean

Like most people they are stressed about packing πŸ˜“

In this guide I will give you some essentials on what to pack.

1. Medicine: even if you don't take medicine regularly, it's a good idea to pack something for diarrhea or sea sickness good medicine is: gravel, Tylenol and tums

2. Hair brush, toothpaste, toothbrush: everyone needs these things!

3. Sunscreen: you don't wanna get sunburnt!

4. Extra swimsuit: what if your swimsuit rips, or you lose it? You won't be able to swim unless you buy a new one.

5. Hair ties (girls or boys with long hair): pretty self explanatory

Well that is just some extra stuff, but pack a lot of other stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this Snapguide. Also comment on what kind of Snapguide you want me to do.


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