How to organize your closet

Here's some tricks for keeping your clothes, and things together if you don't have a lot of dresser space and tired of ironing clothes everyday.


Hello, I'm going to show you how to organize your clothes and just have them all in your closet. Since I don't have a dresser I found having everything put up was much easier & saved time on ironing😁

Here's your supplies... Clothes and hangers.

Here's your supplies... Clothes and hangers.

Now, gather all your clothing. Organize by color I say it makes it much easier and it's much faster when you are running a little late for an event👍 but you can organize to your liking.

😳😶Wonder where my jeans,shorts, and leggings are huh? Well here's the next part, organizing bottoms👖.

If you don't have a shelf in your closet you can hang your bottoms up. If you may have to do this process I say, go out and purchase velvet hangers it saves a lot of space if you have a small closet.

Finish product...

Finish product...

Say \ud83d\udc4b\u270b\ud83d\udc4b good bye to that ole iron and board.

Say 👋✋👋 good bye to that ole iron and board.

Hopefully this guide helped so you can be on your way to a much neater and organized closet.

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