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How to organize your backpack,locker, and pencil bag😊

Organize Your Backpack,locker, and Pencil Bag😊


Since there's a limit of words I couldn't finish my title so it backpack,locker,pencil bag,and folder.since I'm going to sixth grade I don't know much about lockers but I watched some videos.

First is backpack depending what grade your in your going to need your text books and pencil bag.

If you want to carry a lot of pencils and pens bring a bigger pencil bag and carry it on your arms if you carry a little bring a smaller one this is so you have room for your next step.

Text books In different schools you may have less or more text books. I would say carry the heaviest one and put the lighter ones in your bag.

Water bottles This is up to you but if you have P.E you might want to take a water bottle or two, but I suggest putting it in your locker if, you have one

Lockers I watched a lot of videos on how to organize ur can decorate you locker all fancy but think about it your hardly going to be there it's not like the tv shows😁

Desks In my school we have small desks so I suggest (depending on the size of the desk) putting the textbooks together and work books together

Folder You could put a notebook in your folder or you could just put paper and then put the dividers or just don't take a folder and just bring a notebook it's up to you

A lot of people are scared because there going to a new school or new grade. Just be YOURSELF. Don't act like somebody else to be cool pretending is not cool. Please write a comment or request.😊

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