Get a large, even number of people who are willing to play. 40 or more people is a must if it's to be any fun.

Have the group pair up in 2's. Each team of 2 puts five dollars in a "community pot". This money is used to purchase the water pistols.

Each team is assigned another team to " take out". (shoot with the water pistol). You have one week to take out your targets. Both members of the target team must be eliminated with the water pistols.

The last two teams are assigned to take each other out.

If one member of a team is arrested during the course of a mission that team is automatically moved to the next round. DO NOT TRY TO GET ARRESTED.

No attacking the teams while they are at work.

The winning team receives the remaining funds after the purchase of the water pistols. It should be a sizeable pot.

  • 50¢ water pistol
  • 40 people or more