How to not be bored on a bus.

Not Be Bored on a Bus.


This time of the year, your class is probably going to go on a field trip, and you're probably going to take a bus to get there. If you don't want to be bored, keep reading.

First off, select a bag to put everything in, because you probably don't want to carry everything in your hands.

Next, figure out how long the ride will be. If it is only one hour, you probably won't need to pack as much if you were going on a trip that is 10 hours long.

An iPod is always good to pack if you want to listen to music, watch a movie, or play some games. ⭐️If your bus driver/ teacher doesn't allow electronics, don't bring any or it might get taken away!⭐️

A day or two before your trip, consider downloading games that do not require internet, since most buses do not have internet. Movies and music make a trip much less boring as well.

If you don't get carsick, you could bring a book or magizine to read, or one of those electronic book things.

If the bus you are going in has built in TVs, you could bring a DVD to watch. ⭐️Don't forget your ear buds/ headphones!⭐️

If you can, sit beside a friend. You can talk to them and play games, such as I spy and Rock Paper Scissors.

If you like to draw or colour, you could bring paper, pencils, pens, crayons/ markers/ pencil crayons.

If you like to do crossword puzzles, brain busters, or any other puzzles, you can bring that. ⭐️Make sure you have something to write with.⭐️

If you have a container that won't spill, and can hold a rainbow loom, a crochet hook, and lots of elastics, you can make bracelets. If you have access to internet, I have some guides that teach you.

If you like to write, you can bring a notebook or paper to write on. ⭐️Make sure you have something to with.⭐️

The next few items won't keep you entertained, they are just good things to have.

If your bus leaves really early or returns really late, a blanket and/or pillow is good to have if you plan to sleep.

A water bottle and snacks are good to have if you get hungry or thirsty. ⭐️If your bus driver does not allow food on the bus, don't bring food, or you might get in trouble .⭐️

If your bus is stopping somewhere, you could bring some money to buy things. If you are stopping for lunch or supper, you will need money, unless you packed your lunch beforehand.

If you are going to a pool, bring a brush and some make up to touch up your face if it gets washed off (it most likely will.) A bathing suit is also recommended.

If most of your trip is outside, bring sunscreen, bug spray, and a hat. And if you need to, running shoes instead of flip flops or high heels.

Oh yeah, and don't forget the most important thing, yourself!

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