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Recently, KrystalTerrorDiva💋 (you guys should check her out) make a post about how snapguide is for GUIDES and not drawing or singing contests. I agree. I will not be making anymore contests...

.. On my account. I might still enter contests, though. I hate making this post because I feel like I'm letting my followers down. Some of you might think I'm being a little dramatic and rude but...

...that is your opinion and I respect that. I just want you to know I'm trying my best to not let you guys down. I'm sorry if I am. Again, you probably will have a different opinion, and I respect...

...that 100 percent. Thank you for understanding. Just to clarify, I will not host ANYMORE contests. I will still make shoutouts every month or so. I am starting middle school, and that means I won't

...have as much guides up. But I will fit in as much as I can😆😀😊. Also I would like to say that my followers don't have to make this decision. I just thought it would be best for me.

I love you guys!!! Bye!!!

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