How to mummify a body

Mummify a Body


Step 1) Place deceased body on table on soak it in water to clean it and purify it.

Step 2) place deceased body that has been purified with water and intensely shove the the iron hook up there nose and into the brain.

Step 3) Once the hook is placed and has entered the brain, wriggle back and forth to break the brain down. Now tilt the deceased body and let the brain pour out into the organ jar.

Step 4) Cut the body in the chest so you can carefully disect and take the vital organs like the liver, lungs, stomach, intestines and the kidneys.

Step 5) Now put oil and the wounds and wrap the linen cloth around the body to cover it. Now place the golden mask to fit the body's head.

Step 6) Now take some papyrus and on it write the fellow man or woman's name in hieroglyphics. Now present the body in a suitable fashion and place the body in a burial tomb.

  • 1.0 Hook
  • 3.0c Oil
  • 2.0bnch Linen clothes
  • 1.0 Papyrus
  • 3.0c Jars for organs
  • 1.0gal Water
  • 1.0 A gold mask