How to more riddles to puzzle your friends! part 2

More Riddles to Puzzle Your Friends! Part 2


For the most part, the riddles are two pages long. After that there are the answers to each one. Enjoy!

There was a husband and a wife. The husband killed his wife by stabbing her with a knife. To hide the evidence, he threw the body in his car and drove away. Then went to an ally and - continues-

-Threw the body and carefully removed the fingerprints of the knife and left. The next day, he got a call from the police saying his wife was dead and to come to the crime scene. He got arrested. How?

Answer: the police never said where the crime scene was to him, so they knew it was him since only the murderer and the police would know where it happened.

A man and wife were in a circle-like house. The wife heard a scream and found her husband dead. She called over everyone there and narrowed it down to 3. The butcher was chopping meat, -continued-

The cook said she was cooking fish, and the maid said she was cleaning the corners of the house. Who did the crime?

Answer:the maid because a circle doesn't have corners and she said that she was cleaning the " corners" of the circular house.

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