How to more guides coming soon!

More Guides Coming Soon!


I'm so sorry that I haven't posted a guide and forever it is been literally since Christmas when I posted my Christmas chocolate crinkle guide but I will be having more guides up soon!!

I have decided to become a lot more serious with snap guide and now I'm going to post one to two guides per week if I can get around to it!!

The reason why haven't been publishing guides is because I have a lot of schoolwork to work on, it's a tough time of year for me in school. It's just hard to be devoted to snapguide and school at the

Same time!! But I promise you I will be having more guides up!! I am super excited to be doing one to two guides the week!! Also tell al your friends to follow me! Follow me on Pinterest @Devindonaho

I will see you in my next guide!! Also I would love for you guys to request guides that I could possibly do!! Leave I the comments> see ya later!!

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