Do u ever feel like your room is so drab or babyish or Watever your reason is do your just need a makeover to make your space feel more you.

We'll I am here to help you accomplish that

First of all your room and the way it is set up can effect it majorly.

So rearrange

Next if you don't plan on changing your color scheme entirely just try to change a few things like your curtains or bed comforter to make the room seem more like the color scheme you are heading for.

My color scheme currently is pink green and white. Don't et me wrong I really like pink but green and pink together is not my thing to four year oldish lol.

So I have decided to change my colors to just light green white.

Next after you have fixed up your color scheme you need to clean

After that I have realized that adding some string lights to my room have made it more teenagerish and it makes it more grown up. ( I taped mine to my headboard)

My finished project hope you enjoyed!!!! :)

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