How to make yummy chilli

Make Yummy Chilli


The contest will be a guide making contest. I will have a contest like this each month. Each month will have a different topic on the guide to make! Example: september=school.

To enter: -you have to be following -comment on this guide saying "I am entering the contest" -your title must include #chipanda

The prizes 1st place- i will follow you, like 5 of your guides, and give a shout out 2nd place- shout out and i will like one of your guides 3rd place- shout out

All entries must be "submitted" (really it is just making a guide) by December 26th. The winners will be announced on December 30th which will be the day the contest will end! 😊

This months topic: Afternoon snack🍪🍎🍞 Good luck to everyone!

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