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How to make your very own drink koozie

Make Your Very Own Drink Koozie


You will need: A sewing machine, Clothes iron, Thread, Neoprene or foam pad, Design transfer paper

Print your image. Find a design on Google images and print it off on your design transfer paper. Make sure you read the instructions!

Transfer your design onto your foam. Take a hot iron and rub the top of the paper while it’s on top of the fabric. Make sure you use a lot of pressure and your iron is piping hot.

Get your koozie ready for stitching. Fold your koozie so the design is facing inward.

Get your sewing machine ready. Set your machine to do straight line stitching with stitches very close together.

Stitch each side of your koozie. Making sure the foam is about 2mm to the right of your needle, slowly push one side through and do a reverse stitch on both the top and bottom.

Fold the Koozie and use it! Fold the koozie right side facing out and now it’s ready to use. Enjoy!

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