How to make your pumpkins last all season long

Make Your Pumpkins Last All Season Long


Soaking Your Pumpkins in Bleach Solution: Carve your pumpkin then soak it in a bleach solution (1 tsp. of bleach + 3.8 litres of water), for about five minutes.

After soaking your pumpkin, let it air dry in room temperature, then you can continue to spray the cut areas daily with a mild bleach solution.

Bleach Solution in a Spray Bottle: Another great way to keep your pumpkins clean is by creating a mild bleach solution (water + bleach) in a spray bottle.

Spray the cuts on your pumpkin daily, this is a great follow-up step after soaking your pumpkins in bleach.

You can also use the bleach spray solution to cleanse your mini pumpkins and wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Vaseline: Vaseline has some incredible uses, and it’s also a great way to keep your pumpkins moist. Petroleum jelly is water repellent so it will seal-in the natural moisture.

You can also apply Vaseline to the exterior of your uncarved pumpkins to give them that shiny glow.

Pumpkin Fresh Spray: Lastly, another great way to preserve your pumpkins, you can purchase a spray like Pumpkin Fresh that is specifically made to keep carved pumpkins from rotting.

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