Chapter 1:Think Up Your Business The first step of conceiving a business is knowing what you are good at and what you would like to do I made a chart on the next page with some ideas.

Good with kids and people=Babysitting Good at making things=Jewelry Maker Good at physical labor=Lawn Mower Good with pets=Petsitter or Pet Walker Etc.

Figure out if you want to work alone or with friends.Then decide how to advertise or sell your wares.Posters,flyers,word-of-mouth,and selling at your local farmer's market or all good ideas.

Decide rates for your services. Some starting rates are below: Babysitting:5$ per hour/per kid and amount of craziness. Petsitting:5-7$ per hour/per animal Lawn Mower:10-15$ per lawn

Jewelry Maker:10-20$ per piece

Chapter 2:Make It Happen Use the strategies on page 3 to help start your advertising campaign.Try and get your friends to help you cope with orders and demands.

After you start getting some business you'll have to kind of make a schedule to keep track of everything.Remember to organize!!!!!!

Near the end of the summer you will have to decide wether to continue your business or to leave it as what it was in the first place,a summer business.

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