How to make your house smell good!!!

Make Your House Smell Good!!!


Go to !!!

Order a scent and a warmer of your choice, place the order and wait for arrival!!!

Smell lasts over 10 hours per cube! This products amazing !!!:-) this also means that one package lasts OVER 80 hours!!!

Wax will mellt and when you turn off the warmer it will harden you can reuse or through out by simply just swiping when slightly warmed!

This is what the wax looks like when melted

This is what the wax looks like when melted

When your ready to through out the wax, switch off the warmer and wait till it hardens

This is an amazing product it really works and the prices are great this is the best! Much better than glade or airwick! They are oils and they don't smell good this is the exact opposite !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Internet/computer!
  • Wall outlet
  • No allerges to smells or this won't work!!!