To get your hair growing long and strong, you first need to check and see if your conditioner is Paraben free. Parabens clog your pores, disabling hair to grow

Pantene pro-v, is Paraben free. This is my conditioner.

Pantene pro-v, is Paraben free. This is my conditioner.

Before you get in the shower, get a plastic cup filled with coconut oil and a shower cap

Use 100% coconut oil in your hair.

Once in the shower, wet your hair. Then apply the coconut oil to the scalp and the tips.

Once you have used the coconut oil, put on the shower cap to ensure the oil doesn't run into your eyes. Leave the cap on for 15 minutes.

While I have the cap on, I usually wash my body or shave. But make sure it's 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, remove the cap and rinse your hair with cool water, then shampoo 3 times to ensure there's no leftover coconut oil that would make your hair sticky or oily.

Then you will condition as normal, but rinse with cold water.

Then carry on with brushing your hair.(see my non-frizz hair routine guide if wanted) The next morning, your hair will be shiny and smooth!

The coconut oil helps cleanse the scalp and make it healthier, so it grows faster. And using cool water in your hair, opened the pores and let the hair grow.

That's all guys! I hope your hair will be the shiniest, healthiest, smoothest it's ever been! Don't forte to follow and like please!! ;) Have an amazing day!

  • 1.0c Coconut oil
  • Paraben free conditioner
  • Cold water
  • 1.0 Shower cap