How to make the ultimat lego fidget spinner!!!

Make the Ultimat Lego Fidget Spinner!!!


First, put one octagonal with two Lego 2 x 4 bricks on opposite sides like shown.

Next but the other on top like shown.

3rd put the axle down the middle like shown.

Then add one circular tile with the whole on middle like shown. and like the other one as shown.

2nd to last put the wheels as shown.

FINNALY customize it as you want.(Optional.)Here's mine!Hope you built this how to!

  • A long lego axle
  • 2 plate octagonal 10x10 W.Snap
  • 2 Lego wheels big
  • 4 lego 2 x 4 lego brick
  • And 2 circular tiles with hole in middle
  • And tiles