How to make the best hot chocolate

Make the BEST Hot Chocolate


Ok this may seem weird or sound nasty to you, but believe me you NEED to try it,you won't believe how rich and yummy it is! You'll wonder where it's been all your life and why you didn't do this soon!

First-- put your filter into your coffee maker, also put in your 4 tablespoons of coffe-- grab the coffee pot, fill it with HOT water to the 6 cup mark.....

Pour the water into the coffee maker--let it work it's magic!! Once the coffee is done, open up your 3 packets of hot chocolate- pour them into your mug or cup--

Take your coffee an pour it into your mug or cup--and stir it up! Enjoy it! It will be rich and creamy--NO you can't taste the coffee! It just gives it this deep rich flavor--


You may be thinking--weirdo-- no haha! It's well known in the cooking world to add a little instant coffee grinds to anything chocolate you make-- it brings out the chocolate flavor!! Rich and deep!

Hope you enjoyed this guide! Like the ♡ and comment with how you like it! Any guide requests, just ask! 😊 have an amazing day! Xo

  • 1.0 Big mug or styrofoam cup
  • 3.0 Hot chocolate packets
  • 4.0Tbsp Coffe
  • 6.0c Hot water
  • 1.0 Spoon