How to make s'mores

Make S'mores


First,get your supplies

Then,get 1 graham cracker and put 8-7 Hershey's pieces on the cracker

Next,put the marshmallow on the stick TIP:Make sure to put the marshmallow on the front of the stick or else it will not get roasted

Put the marshmallow over the fire.when it's flaming remove the stick and marshmallow away from the fire and blow on the marshmallow until it's not flaming any more.

After that,stick it on the Hershey's

Lastly,stick the last cracker of the s'more on top and ENJOY!!!

  • 2.0 Graham crackers
  • 1.0 Fire
  • 8.0 Hersheys
  • 1.0 Marshmallow
  • 1.0 Stick
  • 13.0 Rocks
  • 3.0 Wood