How to make rainbow cup cakes

Make Rainbow Cup Cakes


So today I'm going to teach you guys how to make these fabulous cupcakes!

The easiest way to make these is to buy a cake mix and use that but I made my cupcakes from scratch and it turned out great!

So first make the cake batter up until it's ready to put in the oven ( but don't put it in the oven!)

Next get how ever many bowls you want depending on how many colors you want in your cupcakes

Separate your batter equally in the bowls and put in each bowl a different color and mix!

Once your done with that, put a little bit of each color into your cupcake wrappers. Make sure the colors are even!

Then bake them for how long the box ( or recipe) says!

Take them out and let them cool

Then add a fun colored frosting! I colored my buttercream frosting blue!

And this should be the final product!

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