How to make organic sugar scrub

This scrub can be used on your face, lips or body.


Your ingredients

Your ingredients

I give no hard and fast measurements, so you can customize the amounts of each ingredient you use to your preference.

Virgin coconut oil is solid at lower temperatures. If it is too hard to stir easily you can microwave it for a few seconds at a time until it is a softer consistency.

Scoop desired amount of coconut oil and place in a bowl.

Next, slowly add equal amounts of brown and white sugars to the oil, mixing well until you have a nice paste.

This is how my scrub looks.

This is how my scrub looks.

After your mixture is at the consistency you prefer add peppermint and Argan oils, a few drops at a time. You can safely taste the scrub & make adjustments the amount of peppermint oil to your liking.

Mix the scrub well (a hand beater can speed up the process).

After your scrub is completely mixed place it into a container of desired size. I like to recycle lip balm pots so that I can carry small amounts in my purse.

Use on lips before putting lip color on, or as a face scrub or body scrub.

  • Organic virgin coconut oil.
  • Organic brown sugar
  • Organic white sugar
  • Organic Argan oil
  • 100% pure peppermint oil (or other food grade oil)
  • Plastic or glass container