How to make melted crayons projects

Make Melted Crayons Projects


Cut out image of man and women standing under the umbrella.

Trace the image you cut out onto your white board.

With yellow paint, cover all the white around the people.

With the black paint, paint inside of the people or what's left white. That way it looks like the shadow of the two people.

Select as many crayons as you need to cover the top of your board. Try to get as many colors as possible to make it vibrant and pop!

Peel the paper off of each crayon. Now glue them to the top of your board and let them dry. Also, take a long strip of scotch tape and attach it to the top to help hold the crayons on the board.

Take your painters tape and cover the image so it fits it nearly perfectly.

Now, place your mat under your board. Take your hot gun or hair dryer and turn it on high. Keep the heat about an inch from the board. Keep it tilted down to help push the droplets down.

Place a fan in front of it once you've melted it as much as you wanted.

Take the painters tape off and admire your B-E-A-utiful piece of art that YOU created!!

So... this was my first snapguide, hope it wasn't too bad! I also hope it was helpful, interesting, inspiring, and that this project turns out really really well for you!!! Thanks so much! have fun!;)

  • Hot gun or hair dryer
  • Rubber mat
  • Crayons
  • Black and yellow paint
  • 2 Paint brushes
  • Penicil
  • Scissors
  • Cup of water
  • Image of man and women under an umbrella
  • Scotch tape
  • Painters tape
  • Elmer's school glue
  • White borad