How to make labor cake / cupcakes with ganache icing

Not guaranteed to induce labor, but they sure are delicious


I was a little disappointed when Siri was unveiled. I knew I couldn't - shouldn't - wouldn't be getting the new iPhone 4S anytime soon. So, until then I figure I'd improvise.

From here, you can say things like: "What time is it?", "Call John Smith", "Play artist Bush". You can access your iTunes library as well as your contacts list.

Helpful note: If you use a Bluetooth or headset w/ a mic, press and hold the speak button for 4-5 seconds to bring up the command. Remember the headset that came with your iPhone? You can use that too

Vlingo is not completely voice guided, but for the most part, it is. I use it daily for several different functions, including texting, emailing, and web searches.

I've seen other voice apps, but this seems to have better options. Please share if you have any other tips! Now go, my young Padawan, and let your voice SMS and "Call Mom".

  • iPhone 3GS or 4
  • iOS 4+