How to make homemade donut bites-the cheap and easy way

Make Homemade Donut Bites-The Cheap and Easy Way


If your not comfortable using wood, then use charcoal, but try and find the natural hardwood charcoal and avoid using briquettes… that shit is foul. :) And skip the wood chips. Chips are for salsa :)

Real wood takes a little longer to burn down a bit to use for indirect cooking. Don't start the cook until the large flames have subsided and the chunks have turned to coals. About 10-15 min.

Cover the grill and open the bottom and top vents all the way. If you follow the instructions, this setup should typically give you an internal temp of about 225-250 every time… This is what you want.

Keep the lid CLOSED and walk away for an hour. Just walk away and do something else and DON'T PEEK! Please trust me on this. Every time you lift the lid, you waste heat and add time to the cook.

Ribs typically take a minimum of about 3-4 hours on a weber for a meaty slab of baby backs. About 4-5 for spareribs… So drinking bourbon gives you something to do while you wait.

45 minutes into the cook, fill your chimney starter halfway with fresh wood and light . At the 1 hour mark, open the grill and quickly add the fresh coals to the fire…

One detail I forgot to mention was 15 minutes before the 2 hour mark, fill the chimney halfway with fresh wood and light and replenish as instructed in the 1 hour mark, while you wrap the ribs…

At this point of the session, I had waaaaay too many bourbons and stopped taking photos :)

After an additional hour in the foil packet, remove the ribs carefully, brush with sauce and return to the grill, unwrapped, covered, for another 15-30 minutes to caramelize the sauce…

I don't care for sloppy, saucy ribs and like just enough sauce on them to be cooked on during the last step to glaze them… but do whatever the hell you want :) this again is a method, not a recipe

Follow these instructions and you will get consistent results and you will learn how to trust your instincts with fire and not rely on recipes that aren't always accurate…

BBQ's are about spending time with friends not babysitting a grill. After a few sessions, you will feel confidant enough to walk away and let your food cook and not stress about it and look like a pro

  • 1.0 Rack baby back ribs
  • 0.0c Apple juice
  • 0.0c Bourbon
  • 2.0Tbsp Butter
  • Your favorite BBQ sauce
  • Your favorite BBQ seasoning
  • 2.0 Large disposable aluminum cake pans
  • 1.0 10 lb bag of real wood chunks
  • Chimney charcoal starter