How to make easy iced coffee

Make Easy Iced Coffee


Brew coffee on stronger side so the ice doesn't dilute it, then let it chill for 30 minutes

Once that is cooled, take 16 oz (or it can be bigger or smaller) but for best results use 16 oz, now fill it up completely with ice cubes

Now take milk, half&half, or coffee creamer (whatever you use with your coffee) and pour it in to about 1/4 or however much you like

Once you've done so, add your cooled coffee to fill up the cup

Once all is done, you can add your sugar or sweetenings, now stir and enjoy :) this is just as good as big brand coffee

  • 1/2c Full Ice cubes
  • 1/4c Milk (depending on how much milk you want)
  • 1.0c Coffee