How to make easy and yummy lemon squares

This is a quick & simple recipe adapted from David Lebovit's whole lemon bars.Original recipe called for organic lemons and the whole lemon was used.I didn't include the skin since I used non-organic


Scroll across for typed pattern for those more advanced and can read it easier

ROUND 1- slip knot, ch 13, sc in 2nd from hook, 6sc, 4hdc, 3hdc in last stitch, turn ( not flip), 4hdc, 6sc to last stitch, sl st to chain at start of round.

ROUND 2- ch 1, 2sc in next st,5sc,5hdc, [2hdc in next st] x4, 5hdc,5sc,2sc in next st, sl st to chain at start of round

ROUND 3- ch1, sc in same st as ch, 2sc in next st, 12 sc, 2sc in next st, 3sc in next st ( it don't line up sometimes so i do a single in one stitch then 2sc in next), 2sc in next st, continued --->

12 sc , 2sc in next st, sc and sl st to chain at start to close

ROUND 4- ch1, 10 sc, 5hdc, [2hdc in next st]x2, 3 hdc in next 3,[ 2hdc in next st]x2, 5 hdc,11sc and sl at to chain at start of round. Cut tail to be long enough to sew in to wrong side of sole.

This pattern is courtesy of I have put my own slight twist on it. I have been crocheting for only a month and this was by far the easiest. Thankyou for this fantastic pattern.

  • 1.0 3.50mm crochet hook
  • 1.0 Ball of white wool 8 ply (yarn)
  • 1.0 Ball of colour wool 8ply( yarn)
  • 1.0 Yarn needle