Bleach -1 You will need- Oats, Tomato juice ,Lime juice .... Grind them all and leave it on the face and neck for 15 min.. It exfoliates and bleaches facial hair making them goldenish

Bleach-2 You will need Gram flour ,Turmeric ,Lime juice ..This is what most Indians use to bleach facial hair and reduce hair has been tried and tested by millions of women since centuries

Bleach-3 You will need Papaya pulp ,Milk ....Make a paste by mashing papaya pulp and milk.leave it for 20 reduces ageing,acne scars and is a perfect bleach

Bleach-4 You will need Sun dried orange peels, Curd/yogurt ,Lemon juice 1tbsp .Grind the orange peels mix with curd,spool full of lemon juice.leave it for 20 min and wash!! Great to remove scars too!

Bleach-5 You will need potatoes Grate the potatoes..squeeze out the juice..apply with a cotton all over face and neck..leave it for 20 min and wash and will see instant results..

Bleach-6 You will need lemon juice,tomato juice,cream(fresh milk cream).... Just mix the 3 together and leave for 15 min.its also a great moisturiser and clears the complexion making your skin glow.

These are very effective home made bleach completely free of chemicals.You can use them even when you r pregnant.each ingredient is easily found in the kitchen.It is perfect for bleaching facial hair.

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