How to make dishwasher detergent

I ran out of dishwasher detergent and figured this would be a good time to try making my own.


Lay your shirt out on a flat surface. Make sure you have good lighting to see where you're marking and making lines to cut out. *Note: This looks/works best on baggier and bigger shirts!*

We're going to start out with the eyes. Essentially, we want 2 half ovals for each eye. You'll see why later.

Now we'll start the nose. It will be composed of two tear drop shapes next to eachother.

Now for the teeth. You can make them however large, small, square, circular you want. Go friggin nuts!

While cutting out the eyes and nose, keep a nice strip of fabric in between the tear drops/ ovals. This prevents the shirt from drooping when wearing it (especially if you have a baggy shirt)

Being a perfectionist, this took me about 30 minutes to have everything cut out the way i wanted it, even though I accidentally ripped the nose. Taking your time is worth it, trust me!

  • An old shirt you don't need/ a new shirt to cut up
  • Scissors
  • A chalk marker, or a pen for tracing out shapes