How to make cute heart button earrings

Make Cute Heart Button Earrings


All of the products I am using for this have been purchased on eBay

So first of all you need to choose which buttons you want to use, you can use any but will have to measure them to see what size jump rings will be suitable for them

Then when you have chosen your buttons, attach one of the larger jump rings through one of the holes like shown in the next picture

When you have completed that, it should look something like this

Once that is complete, you need to start making the dangly parts with the small jump rings

The next stage can be a little tricky, you need to open one of the small jump rings(you can use pliers or tweezers to open them if you find it a little hard)

You then need to attach the open jump ring to a closed one and then close the first ring over to make a long row, repeat this to the desired length

So for my first button I attached 9 small rings to the large ring with my button on the end

So I kept adding an extra 2 as I go

Until they looked something like this...

I used odd number of small ones so when you add the large on used to attach the button it was always an even number, also so that each button is a bit lower than the last

So if you look carefully you might be able to see from the picture how many jump rings I used on each button (1st=9, 2nd=11, 3rd=13, 4th=15, 5th=17, 6th=19 and finally 7th=21)

Next you will need to take your earring hook and another large jump ring

And attach them together like it is shown in the next picture

You need to leave the large jump ring open so you can attach the rows of "chain" that you have just made, shortest first longest last and then close the large Jump ring

And it should look something like this

I think these are great summer earrings and pretty easy to make too

Any questions or need any help then don't hesitate to ask :) thank you

  • Small Heart buttons
  • 4mm jump rings
  • 7mm jump rings
  • Earring hooks
  • Tweezers