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How to make chocolate-covered potato crisp! easy! yummy!

Make Chocolate-Covered Potato Crisp! Easy! Yummy!


Prepare a clean bowl and pour your crisps into the bowl but try to keep them separated.

Important: keep calm and dont eat all the crisps just yet, mates! Keep your bloody hands to yourselves

So first you must put the chocolates into a pot and cook it over the stove. Put it at high heat and lower it as it melts or else the chocolate will burn.

Tip: keep stirring the chocolate on low heat to keep it from hardenning and add milk if it gets too hard and stickey.

Keep boiling and melting until all the chocolate is gooey liquid.

Pour the liquid chocolate onto the pile of crisps! Make sure it covers all of the surface of the crisps.

At this point most of the liquid will drip down to the buttom of the bowl, gently and slowly mix it around the get chocolate on every piece of crisps. Just lile mixing salad!

Put them in your fridge and keep checking on them. Its good when the chocolates are hard and solid again.

For the ladies.... Enjoy the taste and the consequence of bigger legs and chubbier bodies:D Calories~ yummm.

  • Chocolate (solid)
  • Potato crisp (US: chips)
  • Pot
  • Bowl
  • Fridge
  • Patience (lots!)