I didn't take photos so this will be mostly text

You can find the hormile dried beef by the canned tuna and canned chicken section of most stores. Place cream cheese in a medium or large bowl to soften.

In a food processor (or chop by hand) mince your dried beef and onion. Beef and onion should be almost a purée. Then add to the cream cheese

Add 3-4 drops of worecestashire sauce "bug juice" to the mix and then mix it all together with your hands, it works best that way.

Once it's all thoroughly mixed, shape on plate. Be creative too! I just make a big lump. Cover with seran wrap and place in fridge for 1-2 hours. Then serve with crackers, more cheese and stuffs

This cheese ball dip is perfect for snack before holiday dinner, football games, dinner parties, snack day. Even kids like it. Enjoy.

  • 2.0 Packages of phillidalphiacreamcheese cream cheese
  • 1.0 Jar of hormile dried beef
  • 1.0 Onion
  • Worcestershire sauce