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How to make celebrities notice you on insta. or twitter 

Make Celebrities Notice You on Insta. Or Twitter 


Open either inst. Or twitter and LOG IN Then your already ready for the next step

Now go follow more than 100 of your fave celebrities (this step will take you max. 15 min.)

After that go follow 100 of random people ( again this step will also take about 15 min. Max.)

Now you are almost done all you need to do is to go in under 30 of your fave celebrities and check who your celebrity is following Chose some of the followers of your celebrity and follow them too

Now you should have about 250-300 following and onced you are following many people they will follow you back you will spread through the whole internet

Now this is additional info/ tip, but you can always go google teenage quotes or whatever kind of quotes u like and post them this makes your followers and friends very interested u and ur tweets

Now for the case of instagram its very easy just post meeningfull pictures and artsy inspirational photos this will get u to the popular page since many people that r following u will like ur posts

Now u have spread extemely and celebrities will start to notice u and comment om ur posts and tweets

I hope this guide is gonna help u by making ur dream come true goodluck i wish it comes true 

  • A twitter/instagram acount
  • Internet