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How to make berry stained lips!

Make Berry Stained Lips!


Firstly, get your selected berries, take the pips out (if any) and place them on a saucer. I'm using cherries, at I find they have a better stain and they're a nice colour.

Secondly, get a spoon and use the back to mash the berry as much as possible. The important bit is the juice.

Remove the pulpy bit ( eat it! ;) ) and you should be left with the juice.

Lastly, get your brush and dab it in the juice. Gently tap the brush on the edge of the saucer to get rid of any excess juice so it doesn't drip on you and stain your clothes/face/ect.

Apply softly on the lips. Have the tissue at hand incase for any drips or mistakes. When done, pad your lips with the tissue gently. To get a dried, natural look.

And you're done! Try not to lick your lips! (I know, your lips taste delicious!) re-apply when needed. (:

  • 2.0 Cherries/raspberry/plum (Cherries work the best)
  • 1.0 Tissue
  • Small make-up brush