How to make an owner stick

Make an Owner Stick


Get a cap from an oatmeal container, and cut out the center.When finished doing that wrap with any color yarn.

Next get a tongue presser and wrap it with any color yarn. (Make sure you start it off with Taky Glue only)

Then take a 12 inch wooden dowel and wrap yarn around it. (Make sure you start off with Taky Glue only)

Then tie all pieces together with an eight inch piece of yarn

For details, take two big feathers and two small feathers. Take the two small feathers and hot glue them on top of the Owner Stick.

Then the two big feathers hot glue them on the sides of the cap that is surrounded by yarn

Then tie a piece of yarn under the two feathers on the top and on the end of that 8 inch yarn , place 2-3 beads on the end an end it with a knot.

And that's how you make an OWNER STICK!!!!!

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