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How to make an effective fruit fly trap!

Make an Effective Fruit Fly Trap!


This is a picture of my finished product! So far I have got 4 of those pesky flies.

Take a glass bottle and add 2/3 cup Apple Cider Vinegar, add about 3 squirts of Dawn dish soap. Swirl the bottle to mix, then take a sheet of paper to form a cone. Insert the cone into the bottle.

Now all you have to do is place your DIY trap in the area where you see fruit flies. Remember to label it, so someone dosen't try to drink it and (keep out of reach of children and animals).

  • 1.0 Container (preferably a glass drinking bottle
  • 1.0 Piece of paper
  • 2/3c Apple cider vinegar
  • Few squirts of Dawn dish soap