How to make an easy flower

Make an Easy Flower


First you need your supplies Take your paper and fold it like so.

Now what you do is take your siccors and cut off the bottom piece

Now you want to take your triangle piece,you still need your bottom piece,and fold it like this

Now what you do is fold the square-triangle into a smaller triangle

Now you want to open one side of the triangle like so,now fold the tip of the corner towards the point of open part of the triangle

Repeat the step twice,once on both sides

Now you take the points on the sides and fold one into the other one,repeat on the other side

Now taken your glue and put glue on the point inside the other fold and press down like so

Now go to the side were the whole is and blow into the whole

Now fold the points on the top that are loose down so that they point out

Now take your extra paper from the bottom of the page and roll it or fold it

Now what you do is take the stem and put it into the whole that you blew into

Now there you have a flower

  • How ever many pieces of paper
  • Siccors(optional)
  • Glue