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How to make an easy chocolate cake

Make an Easy Chocolate Cake


The most important thing is to make sure your fingers are clean so the contact lens doesn't pick up any dirt. Dirty contact lenses can lead to infections and may prevent you from wearing them at all.

Step 2 is very crucial because it may not seem like your eyes are irritated but my friend had no trouble with her lenses then suddenly she got an infection and has to wear glasses all the time now!

Remember that if your contact lens doesn't feel right remove it straight away, wait for your eye to stop hurting then apply a new contact lens.

Remember to be careful when applying makeup and don't go over the top with it to stop any entering your eye and getting onto your lens.

Before you go to bed, remove your contact lenses with clean hands. If you wear makeup then remove this afterwards. Remember to remove all to prevent any infection or irritation in your eye.

I recommend using an eye cream or a more gentle eye makeup remover because i have found that it irritates my eyes less than a normal wipe therefore making the lenses comfier to wear!

If at all possible have one day a week where you wear your glasses to give your eyes a breather. But if your're like me and hate wearing glasses, try to remove them as soon as possible.

Always carry round a spare pair of contact lenses (if you wear dailys) in case one becomes irritated or for some reason comes out. I always have some in my school bag and it has been very useful!

I really recommend contact lenses to anyone who hates glasses! If you are worried about applying them like i was, don't worry its not as bad as it seems. You get used to them pretty quick!

Comment below or message me if you want to know anything else about contact lenses or if you are considering getting them... remember to like and follow me! XOX

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