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How to make an ancient egyptian mummy

Make an Ancient Egyptian Mummy


STEP 1: Wash and Purify the body

STEP 2: Take your brain hook, shove it up the body's nose and pull the brains out

STEP 3: Cut open the body and take out the liver, lungs, kidneys and Intestines and put in the organ jars. Leaving the heart in place

STEP 4: Stuff the body with Stuffing

STEP 5: Cover the body with salt and leave for 40-50 days.

STEP 6: Remove stuffing and replace with sawdust.

Beautify the body and wrap it in linen cloth. Your Mummy is now complete

  • 1.0 Brain Hook
  • 4.0 Organ Jars
  • 1.0 A Bathtub of Salt
  • 1.0 Water
  • 1.0 Makeup Artist
  • Alot of Linen Cloth
  • 1.0 A Solid Gold Mask
  • 1.0 Body Full of Stuffing