How to make a successful snapguide

Make a Successful Snapguide


Tip #1: Do what you love! If you don't enjoy doing it, I don't recommend it. You'll be happier when you do what you like, and you'll want to make more! People can tell if you truly love doing it!

Tip #2: Try to look up requests in a field you like! Try shooting for popular ones to get the most views! Chances are, they'll want to check out your other guides and maybe even follow you!

Tip #3: Have an idea? Look up requests that relate to it and submit your guide so that those people will see your guide too! (But don't get SUPER off topic!!!)

Tip #4: If you're good with a specific type of thing, look up things that are like it. Maybe there aren't too many guides on that subject, and guess who can fit that need? YOU!

Tip #5: Make sure you try something out at least once before you make a guide on it. It will help the guide flow much better and you'll be able to answer questions viewers may have.

Tip #6: Make sure you focus on having quality, not quantity. Go slowly and make sure everything is as clear as possible, for beginners. Describing with details helps out a lot when viewing guides!

Tip #7: Be active on Snapguide! Just commenting on guides you like will help get you noticed, especially in the topic you make guides on!

Tip #8: Invite friends to Snapguide! Friends can help you out a lot! You can follow each other and like each other's guides! I bet my friend is looking at this guide right now LOL!

Tip #9: Have a specific title! If you just say 'How to draw a bird', viewers would wonder about it. Always keep the 5Ws in mind! 'How to draw a Hummingbird Flying' would be much better for views!

Tip #10: Be sure you don't forget anything while explaining! If an important detail slips your mind, the viewer may get easily confused. Be sure you check everything before you publish a guide!

Tip #11: Have good grammar! People may easily get confused by grammar, which doesn't help with follows. You may get lots of views, but those views probably won't keep up unless you fix it...

Tip #12: Have plenty of guides to pick from. People may not follow you if they don't know too much about what you'll post. Just try to make as many guides as you can while still following Tip #6!

Tip #13: Try to stick to only a couple topics. I recommend this simply because it will help you get more viewers looking for specific things, rather than others. You'll also get more followers!

Thanks so much for viewing my guide! I will be adding more tips as I go! Hope this helped you out!

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